Ordering Guide

The topic of buying a gun online sounds too good to be true but in reality we make it pretty easy. Once you've picked out your gun and begun the checkout process, we do our best to guide you the rest of the way. The FFL requirement provides just a few extra steps we need to address. Remember, this is just a tiny inconvenience for a great deal on a sweet gun.

Additional Info

Locate an FFL

Use our FFL Finder to find nearby FFLs, check reviews, and even leave your own

*Note* FFLs flagged with "Recommended" do not require Step 2 as we already have their info on file!
*Tip* Saving an FFL as preferred will automatically pull them up in your checkout view, for future purchases.

Send FFL Info

Tell your local dealer to email or fax us their license

If the FFL you have chosen was not recommended, this simply means we don't have a valid copy of their license on file. This means that before we move forward with processing your order, we will need to receive a copy of their license. Please send to the following:

This isn't your dealer's first rodeo and they should be very familiar with the process. In first rodeo cases (or if any other confusion arises) have them contact us.

Order Shipped

View order status in your account profile and lookout for tracking info in your inbox

Firearms are shipped out daily. Expect your gun a few days after payment has cleared and FFL info is received. Check your account profile for tracking info and status updates.

Pick Up Order

Go pick up your new gun!

Once your gun arrives at the local dealer you have chosen, it's time for pick up! The FFL will run a quick background check, and collect a fee. The typical transfer fee is between $25 and $50.


Before you begin the transfer process, make sure you ordered the correct firearm, and check it for any defects. Once the firearm is transferred to you it is considered used, even if unfired. This means we will be unable to provide a full refund for the item.

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