What's the process like for buying a gun on

Great question! We've actually put together a page to explain the process in detail. Click here for the complete rundown

What does limited availability mean?

This means we do not physically have an item and our suppliers have less than 5 left. We believe we should be able to get the item and will do our best to do so. Keep in mind, no charges will be made until we fill the order.


Can I send you a check or money order?

Absolutely! For details on how to make these types of payments, check out this page.


What does Recommended mean on FFL listings?

This means that as a result of dealing with them previously, we have a current copy of their FFL on file. No extra paperwork necessary!

Do you FFL, brah?

An FFL or Federal Firearms License is required for dealers to legally sell or transfer firearms. FFL (pronounced F-F-L) is not a verb and should not be treated as such. Rest assured, your local dealer has an FFL, or they are a criminal.


Why does the the Gun Guy have a weird shaped head in your logo?

He's wearing Headphones! Even the gun guy isn't cool enough to shoot without protection.

Who is the Gun Guy?

If we told you... We just can't tell you. We weren't kidding when we said we respect privacy.

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