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The way we see it there are two types of gun buyers out there:

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    A gun guy looking to add to the arsenal, strengthen the barracks, hold down the fort, gain a competitive edge, experience the thrill of the hunt, etc. etc. (you get the point).

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    A gun guy in the making...

Whichever you are, we're here for you. theGunGuy.com has an amazing selection of firearms, jaw dropping prices*, and an industry leading search to make finding the perfect gun as easy as ever.

Founded by gun guys, for gun guys; Let us get you your next GUN.


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The price you see on theGunGuy is the price you pay - no gimmicks, no catches, just great guns at great prices.

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Earn points for cool rewards on theGunGuy.com! Points are earned from leaving reviews on products or FFLs, as well as any order you make.

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